About Elder Pet Care

Dr. Tracy Thomas and Elder Pet Care

Graduating at the top of her class from CSU Veterinary School in 1984, Dr. Tracy Thomas went on to successfully serve clients with small animals in the Fort Collins area for 10 years. By 1994 She was no longer able to ignore the alarming need for affordable pet care to our seniors. So with a sincere, compassionate heart and a lot of sweat and tears, Elder Pet Care was established by Dr. Thomas right here in Fort Collins.

Today Dr. Thomas, along with an excellent staff of professionals and volunteers, continues to faithfully serve our seniors day in and day out. Elder Pet Care is making a difference, by providing convenient, affordable, top quality veterinary services to the elderly of Northern Colorado.

Elder Pet Care: A Non-Profit Veterinary Service

Elder Pet Care is a community oriented and supported organization with a mission to serve ages 60 and up, by enabling them to enjoy and enriched quality of life with healthy pets as companions.

Extremely Low Cost

Elder Pet Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing extremely low-cost veterinary services to senior citizens with pets. Charges for seniors are on a sliding scale based on household income. Services are available for non-seniors at affordable prices as well.

At Your Convenience

We offer convenient walk-in hours.

Benefits of Pet Ownership

The benefits that pets provide for their owners have been proven time and time again to be positively therapeutic. Studies have shown that senior citizens who own pets, experience improved emotional and physical health. By offering unconditional affection and companionship, pets have proven to help lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and provide a sense of security in what sometimes may be a lonely world for our seniors.